A guide to the new east

Submission guidelines


The purpose of The Calvert Journal is to present and analyse issues in contemporary Russian art and culture for a non-specialist, English-speaking audience.

If you want to write for us, or if you have an idea for a photo essay, please start by looking at previous examples on our site.

Next send a 150-word synopsis to the appropriate editor explaining why we should commission the piece. Remember to steer clear of cliches about Russia.

Whether you want to write about food, technology or architecture, we’re looking for stories about cutting-edge design or pioneering individuals; in short, anything that provides original insight into the creative industries and culture in Russia today.

Thank you for your interest in The Calvert Journal.

Features & Comment

To pitch a feature or comment piece, provide as much detail as possible about your proposed article, answering the questions below:

- What is your article about? What message will it communicate?
- In which section of The Calvert Journal might it appear?
- Why will this article be of interest to our readers?
- How will you approach the subject?
- Who will you interview?
- What additional research will you carry out?
- What context will you provide?

Send suggestions for feature and comment pieces to: arthur[at]calvert22.org or liza[at]calvert22.org

Send suggestions for news stories and press releases to: news[at]calvert22.org


The photo essays on our website are a series of images designed to tell a story. Photographs are usually accompanied by short captions that further elucidate the visual narrative.

Send suggestions for photo essays to anastasiia[at]calvert22.org