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Hair loom

Hair loom

Getting a decent haircut in Moscow used to be next to impossible. But thanks to Danila Antonovsky, Aleksei Ermilov and Evgeniy Murashkin, Russians need look no further than Chop-Chop.

The salon, which has branches in Moscow and St Petersburg, takes inspiration from traditional, American-style barbershops and comes complete with accessories from New York, a fridge filled with Coors beer and coiffeurs who will ensure you leave feeling pampered and preened.

For Antonovsky, a former Conde Nast digital editor-in-chief, Russian grooming has lost its way with a national preference for mullets over classic men's haircuts. “My grandpa and father used to go to their hairdresser where they would get an elegant cut without explaining how their sideburns and fringe should be trimmed,” he says. “They would just take it for granted that he'd do a good job and they were right.”

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