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Reigning station: behind the scenes at the TV network that’s taken Moscow by storm

From nuclear ice-breakers to Siberia's Vissarion community, photographer Davide Monteleone has spent years capturing life in Russia for publications such as The New Yorker and Time magazine. Last year, he headed to Moscow's to photograph Dozhd TV (meaning "Rain"), an independent television channel based in the city's Red October chocolate factory building. Rain came to public attention for its coverage of the 2011 protests. In contrast to state-owned media stations which were restrained in their reporting of the demonstrations, Rain was an active supporter of the protests, covering leading figures in close detail and winning a new prominence for the station at the same time. Monteleone's photos are a look behind the scenes at a TV station that has come to make the news itself. © Davide Monteleone/VII Photo

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