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Journalist departures spark concern in Albania

The departure of several journalists and editors from major Albanian media outlets has drawn criticism from the country's opposition party, the Democratic Party, amid fears that opposition voices in the mainstream media are disappearing.

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Ukraine bans independent Russian channel TV Rain

(Image: TV Rain / Facebook)

Ukraine's National Council for Television and Radio has banned independent Russian television channel TV Rain from broadcasting in Ukraine.

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Our TV is best: Russian media official rejects criticism

(Image: Uroš under a CC licence)

The best way to deal with public criticism is surely to reject it entirely. At least, this was the approach taken by Russian official Alexei Volin in the face of complaints about TV channel Pervy Kanal's New Year coverage.

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Copyright battle leaves Bulgarian radio stuck in the past

Since the beginning of this year, Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) has been locked in battle with copyright organisation Musicautor, forcing the station to only play music produced before 1945.

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Czech government tackles fake news with specialist unit

The Czech government has established a specialist “anti-fake news” unit in its efforts to counteract false information spread by websites seeking deliberately to mislead readers.

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Gay character sees Overwatch comic blocked in Russia

(Overwatch / Blizzard)

An Overwatch comic, a spin-off of the popular shooter video game of the same name, has been blocked in Russia in accordance with the country's “gay propaganda” law.

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Rest in peace: British TV to get first Croatian series

  • (Rest in peace trailer / Počivali u miru trailer / RingMultimedia / Vimeo)

The acclaimed Croatian drama series Rest in Peace (Počivali u miru) is set to become the first Croatian television series to air in the UK.

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At your peril: Siberia to host Hunger Games-style reality show

Still from The Hunger Games (2012, dir. Gary Ross)

Preparations are underway in Russia for Game2: Winter, a reality show inspired by the hit film and book series The Hunger Games that will see contestants fight for survival in the Siberian forest, supposedly even to the point of death.

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Polish protests against press restrictions continue

  • (John Roberts / YouTube)

Today marks the fourth day of protests in the Polish capital, Warsaw, against government plans to restrict press access to parliament.

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Albania considers clamp down on online media

An MP from Albania's ruling Socialist Party has called for greater state control of online media, decrying what he calls “electoral propaganda”.

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