A guide to the New East

Masha Egupova

  • Masha Egupova is a freelance journalist from Vladivostok, a city in the Russian Far East on the Pacific coast. She writes about social, political and media issues in Russia, Hungary and Egypt as well as her hometown. A keen traveller, Egupova divides her time between Cairo, Bangkok and Budapest. She also writes a travelog about her experiences in in each country. 

  • East meets west

    Fashion designer Sveta Gruzdova is going strong

    21 January 2014
  • Urban renewal

    How a street art collective is livening up Vladivostok

    10 October 2013
  • Big fish

    How musician Oleg Lyogky found fame in 15 minutes

    4 June 2013
  • Take a bow

    Reimagining Vladivostok's fashion scene

    5 March 2013
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