A guide to the New East

​Dina Akhmadeeva

  • Dina Akhmadeeva is an independent writer, curator and researcher based in London. She studied History of Art at Oxford University at BA and Masters level, exploring art from Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia, with a special focus on the history and theory of photography. Dina has experience working with Modern Art Oxford, the Ashmolean Museum and the V&A. She translates between English and Russian, and is currently learning Turkish, Georgian and Arabic. Follow her on Twitter here

  • Beyond history

    How does Armenia's capital city resolve its Soviet past with its capitalist present?

    14 September 2016
  • Starting school

    In conversation with the curators of Kiev's new art biennial

    8 September 2015
  • Back to the future

    20 artists from the new east at the Venice Biennale

    8 May 2015
  • Wall to wall

    Meet Slavs and Tatars, the art collective slaying stereotypes from Berlin to Beijing

    19 March 2015
  • Rich tapestry

    Highlights of Central Asian contemporary art revisited

    3 December 2014
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