A guide to the New East

Dmitry Bezuglov

  • Self-professed jack of all trades, master of none, Dmitry Bezuglov, 22, is managing editor of Yekaterinburg’s WTF? magazine, co-editor of webzine Tesnota and part of the creative team for the Kleister art-space bookshop. He is also a writer and occasional accidental illustrator.

  • Underground sound

    Home clubbing with Russia's "Boiler Room"

    27 January 2014
  • Outsider art

    The writing is on the wall for street artist Timofei Radya

    13 March 2013
  • Motion graphics

    Designer Ruslan Khasanov transforms light beams and liquid into stunning typefaces

    7 February 2013
  • Master plan

    How to build an architectural publishing house without really trying

    19 January 2013
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