A guide to the New East

Anastasiia Fedorova

  • Anastasiia Fedorova is a freelance writer and curator based in London. She is a regular contributor to Dazed, i-D, 032c, Vice, Amuse, Broadly, The Guardian and SHOWstudio. You can follow her on Twitter here and find more of her writing here.

  • Opinion

    Parading Soviet symbols on the catwalk is a step too far for fashion

    10 January 2017
  • Getting away from it all

    5 reasons why small Northern towns inspire artists and creatives

    8 January 2017
  • Letter from Olonets

    Three days on a creative retreat among the pines and lakes of Karelia

    7 January 2017
  • In her image

    These are the heroines remaking Russian-language pop music

    29 December 2016
  • Flashback

    This is what happened when Comme des Garçons shot a fashion story in 80s Soviet Georgia

    28 November 2016
  • All hail Kedr Levanskiy

    She's the queen of Russian underground electronica

    14 November 2016
  • Letter from the Black Sea

    What happens when you leave modernity behind and take to the open waters?

    1 November 2016
  • Opinion

    Gosha Rubchinskiy's new perfume is a sign of the times for underground culture

    27 October 2016
  • Metro girls

    These inspiring Moscow creatives are going places

    26 October 2016
  • La vie en rose

    Meet the hopeless romantic shaping Ukraine's blossoming youth culture

    26 September 2016
  • Monument valley

    Constructing a costly myth in the Macedonian capital

    10 August 2016
  • Between the woods and the water

    Experience the sultry summer heat of Latvia's Baltic coast

    5 August 2016
  • Take hip

    Yung Acid invite you on a lo-fi night out in Moscow

    4 August 2016
  • Sweet dreams

    George Nebieridze’s tender tribute to the Tbilisi of his youth

    2 August 2016
  • The Mixtape 36


    27 July 2016
  • Screen grub

    Five films reinterpreted for the dinner table by Kino Vino's Alissa Timoshkina

    20 July 2016
  • Badlands

    Alexander Epikhov’s short is a hauntingly dark dream you cannot wake from

    19 July 2016
  • The Green Diameter

    Kicking back in a Soviet-era arcadia in the centre of Minsk

    15 July 2016
  • Watch

    Is Jamie XX's stunning new video a homage to eastern European bleakness?

    12 July 2016
  • Stoned immaculate

    Share a 420 moment with Kiev's beautiful young drifters

    12 July 2016
  • Block party

    Meet the people who live among the brutalist edifices of New Belgrade

    7 July 2016
  • Girl, interrupted

    Explore the struggles of small-town Poland through the eyes of a twelve-year-old

    4 July 2016
  • Forget Brexit

    These joyous photo stories remind us why it still feels good to be in the EU

    29 June 2016
  • Has the fashion industry reached a dead end? asks Russian designer Tigran Avetisyan

    27 June 2016
  • The Mixtape 35


    27 June 2016
  • Travel to the Volga river with the underground sound of Russian band Ytro

    24 June 2016
  • The Mixtape 34


    16 June 2016
  • Techno played by an orchestra: listen to the first track from the upcoming album by Suokas

    15 June 2016
  • Russian music collective IC3PEAK speaks out against homophobia in a new video

    14 June 2016
  • Experimental Swedish sound in the new release from Russian label Full of Nothing

    Experimental Swedish sound in the new release from Russian label Full of Nothing

    10 June 2016
  • Home stretch

    A photographer revisits the Chelyabinsk gymnastics school of her childhood

    8 June 2016
  • Youth and desolation in the latest video from noise duo Love Cult

    8 June 2016
  • Russian post-internet pop: Listen to IC3PEAK’s new LP FALLAL

    2 June 2016
  • Listen to the latest release from Siberian label Klammklang

    1 June 2016
  • Explore childhood dreams of flying with this new photo book

    1 June 2016
  • Milkmaids of Belarus

    An appreciation

    31 May 2016
  • Young Russian photography on show in Berlin

    Young Russian photography on show in Berlin

    26 May 2016
  • Russian producer Art Crime opens up about his new techno record

    26 May 2016
  • You looking at me?

    21 portrait photographers from the new east you must see

    20 May 2016
  • Road to Altai

    A 953km trip through southern Russia becomes a journey into the Soviet past

    12 May 2016
  • Off track

    A guide to getting lost and finding yourself in Georgia without really trying

    12 May 2016
  • Pedal pushers

    Meet the art collective trailblazing across rural Ukraine by bike

    12 May 2016
  • Days without sun

    Winter comes to a summer resort in Crimea

    12 May 2016
  • Salt of the earth

    How a remote lake in southern Russia became a people’s paradise

    12 May 2016
  • High plains drifter

    Getting back to nature in Kyrgyzstan, a land where time flows slow

    12 May 2016
  • Into the wild

    Exploring the harsh beauty of Kamchatka with a video camera

    12 May 2016
  • Weird science

    The hallucinatory visions of Hungarian photographer Marton Perlaki

    11 May 2016
  • The Mixtape 32

    Kiev House

    2 May 2016
  • Dawn chorus

    Lithuania in the light of a new day

    25 April 2016
  • Halfway house

    Documenting the lives of refugees in Armenia

    22 April 2016
  • The Mixtape 31


    20 April 2016
  • Welcome to Tirana

    The Albanian capital through an analogue camera lens

    15 April 2016
  • Small town on the river

    Revisiting a peaceful corner of war-torn eastern Ukraine

    13 April 2016
  • Off-season

    Tomer Ifrah captures timeless Sochi in autumn

    6 April 2016
  • After the fall

    An Armenian town's long road to recovery from a devastating earthquake

    24 March 2016
  • Unsettled ground

    Revisiting the lost sites of the Yugoslav wars

    24 March 2016
  • Autonomous zone

    The view from a separatist city in Ukraine

    24 March 2016
  • What lies beneath

    A quest to dig up the strange, secret history of uranium mining in Soviet-era Poland

    24 March 2016
  • Portfolio

    Uncovering the unique vision of Budapest's best photographers

    16 March 2016
  • Baltic road trip

    One photographer's journey around rural Latvia in a Lada

    15 March 2016
  • Russian product designer Denis Milovanov presents his work in Paris

    Russian product designer Denis Milovanov presents his work in Paris

    14 March 2016
  • No place like home

    Meet the people caught between Germany and Russia

    11 March 2016
  • Exhibition of Soviet nonconformist art opens in New Jersey

    Exhibition of Soviet nonconformist art opens in New Jersey

    11 March 2016
  • Madstone

    Watch the eerie new video for Czech-Norwegian electro-pop band Fiordmoss

    9 March 2016
  • Life jackets

    Meet two Kiev creatives selling second-hand clothes to keep afloat

    4 March 2016
  • Hot wheels

    Photographing the luxury cars of the Caucasus, and the kids who drive them

    26 February 2016
  • The Mixtape 29

    Art Crime

    23 February 2016
  • Girls and boys

    Searching for the spirit of youth on the streets of Belarus

    18 February 2016
  • How to be a man

    A new generation of artists is rethinking the meaning of masculinity in Russia

    18 February 2016
  • Teens of Transnistria

    How does it feel to grow up in a country shunned by the rest of the world?

    18 February 2016
  • In between days

    Coming of age in rural Latvia

    18 February 2016
  • Up in the air

    Ukraine’s youth look for meaning in a world that's stopped making sense

    18 February 2016
  • Migrant meatpackers

    Candid portraits from a Belarusian factory floor

    17 February 2016
  • In the balance

    Saving the ancient tightrope tradition of Dagestan

    11 February 2016
  • Setting the bar

    Documenting the child prodigies of Romanian gymnastics

    2 February 2016
  • Come undone

    A last glimpse inside a Soviet-era Dagestani bazaar

    28 January 2016
  • Runaway bride

    Searching in the shadows for Kaliningrad's past

    26 January 2016
  • Shifting sands

    Watch the haunting new video for Russian underground techno star Art Crime

    22 January 2016
  • Miss Yuniverse

    Photographing the ghostly sirens of a lost world

    15 January 2016
  • Whale music

    Dive deep into this surreal underwater music video for St Petersburg indie band SBPCh

    13 January 2016
  • Hellhounds

    Photographer Leifur Wilberg Orrason's modern take on ancient myth

    8 January 2016
  • Rural renaissance

    Building a new life in a Belarusian agro-town

    6 January 2016
  • Fortress techno

    In search of the elusive label Johns’ Kingdom

    11 December 2015
  • Free reign

    Welcome to Johns’ Kingdom, the Russian record label in a realm of its own

    11 December 2015
  • Be Like Wind

    Musical duo Magnetic Poetry marry modern synths and mellow weather in this video premiere

    26 November 2015
  • Strange lands

    How western pop videos can't get enough of the ‘exotic’ new east

    25 November 2015
  • Style factory

    Photographer Sergey Rogov revives a Moscow ruin

    19 November 2015
  • Mind your business

    Preserving the bargain basements of Tallinn

    18 November 2015
  • Creative Kiev

    Where new talent is on the verge of big things

    13 November 2015
  • Gorsad

    The photography crew playing by their own rules

    12 November 2015
  • Sasha Kurmaz

    An artist's guide to reclaiming public space

    12 November 2015
  • Love Curly

    The illustrator picturing the dark side of pop life

    12 November 2015
  • MNPL

    The collective documenting the wild fluidity of Ukraine's capital

    12 November 2015
  • We own the night

    A generation finds its identity through rave culture

    12 November 2015
  • Letter from

    Is post-Maidan Kiev the new Berlin or a city making its own future?

    5 November 2015
  • In vogue

    Ten designers proving Kiev is the fashion capital of the new east

    5 November 2015
  • Healing land

    A month in the country for the children of Chernobyl

    3 November 2015
  • Dreamscapes

    Summoning the ancient spirits of the Urals

    28 October 2015
  • The joy of sects

    Among the followers of the Siberian Jesus

    27 October 2015
  • Room service

    Staying over with Gosha Rubchinskiy at the Youth Hotel

    20 October 2015
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