A guide to the New East

Christina Abdeeva

  • Although her parents wanted her to study medicine, fashion photographer and designer Christina Abdeeva pursued art. Since her recent graduation from the British Higher School of Art and Design, she has worked as a freelance photographer for publications such as Vogue Russia, Port and Esquire. She currently divides her time between Moscow and Paris.

  • Gimme shelter

    Jonathan Meades hails the brutal charm of the Soviet bus stop

    24 September 2015
  • Night visions

    Welcome to the darkly seductive world of photographer Christina Abdeeva

    5 August 2015
  • Close up

    In Christina Abdeeva's cinematic visions, women always play the lead role

    12 January 2015
  • In between days

    Photographer Christina Abdeeva escapes Paris Fashion Week

    28 February 2014
  • Frozen in time

    Where avant-garde fashion meets Soviet-era design

    26 September 2013
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