A guide to the New East


Thomas Feary

Thomas Feary is a MA graduate in Architecture from the Royal College of Art, London and currently works in practice designing housing and also as a freelance writer. He is interested in the political elements of architecture and planning and the changing role of the architect in contemporary society. He tweets @thomasfeary and edits the blog Speculation Game.

Anastasiia Fedorova

Anastasiia Fedorova is a freelance writer and curator based in London. She is a regular contributor to Dazed, i-D, 032c, Vice, Amuse, Broadly, The Guardian and SHOWstudio. You can follow her on Twitter here and find more of her writing here.

Daria Feigina

Daria Feigina is a curator and art manager. Based in Tver, she travels a lot around Russia but believes in her native town. She has created and curated the culture festivals Believe in Tver and M10, and worked on the White Nights Festival in Perm and, in 2012, on the night of museums in Krasnodar.

Max Feldman

Max L. Feldman is a freelance writer and academic, specialising in philosophy of art and European cultural history, based in London and Vienna. In 2017, he will launch The Deluge Review, an independent review of news, culture, and politics. Twitter: @maxlfeldman

Anna Filipova

Anna Filipova is a London-based freelance photographer and researcher.

Anya Filippova

Anya Filippova is a Moscow-based design writer who specialises in graphic design, typography, illustration, interior and architecture. In the past seven years she has published two books and written articles for [kAk) magazine, Theory&Practice, Afisha and Bang!Bang!. She believes that good design really matters.

Molly Flynn

Molly Flynn is currently completing her PhD in Slavonic Studies at the University of Cambridge. Her research contextualises the rapid growth of 21st century Russian documentary theatre within the sociopolitical setting of Russia’s Putin years (2000-). In addition to her academic work, Molly has also worked as a performer and creator of documentary theatre both in Russia and internationally.