A guide to the New East


Christina Abdeeva

Although her parents wanted her to study medicine, fashion photographer and designer Christina Abdeeva pursued art. Since her recent graduation from the British Higher School of Art and Design, she has worked as a freelance photographer for publications such as Vogue Russia, Port and Esquire. She currently divides her time between Moscow and Paris.

Edward Adrian-Vallance

Edward Adrian-Vallance has lived and worked in Russia for six years. He has a particular interest in indigenous minorities and has travelled through much of the Russian Arctic, Far East and the ex-Soviet Central Asian States. He now runs a small but successful interpreter/fixer service for journalists, photographers, filmmakers, academics and tourists wishing to visit these hard-to-reach places. His writing on Russia has been published in The Geographical, Travel Addict and Globespots online travel guide.

Alyona Ageeva

Alyona Ageeva is based in Nizhny Novgorod. She is an actress, director, poet and organiser of creative festival ART Camp. She also writes about culture for the local edition of Sobaka magazine.

Marina Akatova

Marina Akatova was born and lives in St Petersburg. She studied journalism at St Petersburg State University, and now works as a freelancer for numerous publications including Kommersant and Discovery magazine. In her spare time, Marina likes art. 

​Dina Akhmadeeva

Dina Akhmadeeva is an independent writer, curator and researcher based in London. She studied History of Art at Oxford University at BA and Masters level, exploring art from Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia, with a special focus on the history and theory of photography. Dina has experience working with Modern Art Oxford, the Ashmolean Museum and the V&A. She translates between English and Russian, and is currently learning Turkish, Georgian and Arabic. Follow her on Twitter here

Howard Amos

Howard Amos is a Moscow-based journalist. He was born in London but has spent the last six years reporting living in Moscow and reporting from across Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Petr Antonov

Petr Antonov was born in 1977 in Moscow, Russia. After receiving his university degree in foreign languages, Petr chose to pursue a somewhat unrelated career which led to him becoming a photographer. He currently does freelance work for both Russian and international press in addition to personal photography projects.

Ariadne Arendt

Ariadne Arendt is an artist and curator born in Crimea, she lives and works in London. 

Andrei Arkhangelsky

Russian journalist, columnist, culture expert, Andrei Arkhangelsky currently works as culture editor at the Ogonyok magazine (part of the Kommersant publishing house). He's written numerous academic and journalistic works about the Russian media.

Max Avdeev

Max Avdeev is a Moscow-based freelance photographer with a particular interest in northern and central Asia. His work has been published in Das Magazin, The New Republic, Le Monde, Liberation and Vanity Fair.