A guide to the New East

Back to the future

Which Sixties Soviet predictions for 2017 actually came true?

Towers of power

What happens when you mix politics and real estate on the Black Sea coast?

Cuteness overload

Meet the Instagram-famous animals of the New East

The last frontier

Photographing the final days of winter sun in the arctic town of Chersky

Ripple effect

Getting to the bottom of Poland’s disappearing lakes


Documenting the shrunken Aral Sea’s comeback, one fish at a time

Stylish cities 2017

The 16 chicest, most liveable cities in the New East to visit now

Letter from Lake Prespa

A journey to the water’s edge of a Balkan hinterland

Letter from Wrocław

Heartland of Poland’s hipster revolution


What happens when you send 50 creative minds to a remote town in northern Russia?

Drop the time

Lay-Far’s latest video is a soulful satire on love

Siren song

Warsaw meets Tokyo in this fiery female-led tale of seduction


Exploring life and landscape in post-Soviet Europe

New East Photo Prize

Shortlisted photographers in focus

Power and architecture

Public space and the post-Soviet city
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