A guide to the new east

Creative cities 2016

Meet the new generation of Russian innovators

The long view

Should Kiev erase its Soviet past or learn to live with history?

Vertical city

Here’s why Moscow’s modernist architecture is best seen from above

Home stretch

A photographer revisits the Chelyabinsk gymnastics school of her childhood

Milkmaids of Belarus

An appreciation

Letter from

Chișinău, the Moldovan city with an uncertain future

Georgia on my mind

How Russian trendsetters fell in love with Tbilisi and why soon you will too

City report


The Last One

Watch the online premiere of this beautifully poignant short film about a lonely war veteran


Arthur Miroshnichenko lays bare the loneliness of modern love in this moving short

Budapest in 84 seconds

A short film by Ivana Bobic

Post-internet art

Introducing a born-digital generation of artists from the new east

New east travel diaries

Visual reports from off the beaten track


Cultural legacy of a nuclear catastrophe
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