A guide to the New East

Over my dead body

10 fun facts about freezing yourself in Russia

Concrete clickbait

Next time you share a spomenik photo, think about what it means


This is what happened when Comme des Garçons shot a fashion story in 80s Soviet Georgia

A day at the office

Meet the modern-day shamans of Lake Baikal

Must look

Here’s how Georgia’s top photographers see their country

Sunglasses, sweets, a saw

Just some of the delights in Russian women’s bags

Letter from Nizhny Arkhyz

Under the starry skies of the Caucasus, where art and science coalesce

Road trip

Follow our inspirational journey through the Caucasus mountains to the top of the world

Siren song

Warsaw meets Tokyo in this fiery female-led tale of seduction

Take hip

Yung Acid invite you on a lo-fi night out in Moscow


Alexander Epikhov’s short is a hauntingly dark dream you cannot wake from

New East Photo Prize

Shortlisted photographers in focus

Power and architecture

Public space and the post-Soviet city

Where to stay

Explore our edit of amazing hotels and hostels across the New East
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