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Narkomfin: can a utopian housing project survive in modern Moscow?


Low rents and creative tenants created a unique community inside avant-garde housing block Narkomfin, but now the owner wants to raise rents and carry out damaging "repairs". Jamie Rann asks what this story tells us about life in Moscow today
High risk: Moscow’s iconic Shukhov Tower is under threat

High risk

A technological marvel and a Moscow landmark, the Shukhov radio tower is now under threat. Photographer and campaigner Natalia Melikova is campaigning for its future
Shipshape: Noi Trotsky’s nautical masterpieces


“A serious architect will find in the liner a liberation from cursed enslavement to the past,” said Le Corbusier. In St Petersburg, Constructivist architect Noi Trotsky took him at his word with boat-inspired buildings. Ross Wolfe does some naval gazing